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Akira Fans Pay Tribute To The Anime's Iconic Motorcycle

Brad Kremer and Dean Fowler
Brad Kremer and Dean Fowler

Akira will never not be the shit. Released in 1988, the cyberpunk-ish anime still boasts a cult following that appreciates biker gangs, science fiction and big, sad explosions. Yesterday, filmmakers Brad Kremer and Dean Fowler released an incredible CG Akira tribute “trailer” that was six years in the making. The short film focuses on protagonist Kaneda’s iconic red motorcycle. It’s rad:


“The iconic red bike from Akira is what originally drew us both to the film,” Kremer explained. “It still holds a special place in our hearts and anime history. As I began working on an edit that would show the energy of the bike, Dean [modeled] it in CG. With his first wire frames of the bike, we were hooked!”


Nods to that motorcycle have appeared in numerous anime and cartoons over the last two decades:

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve always felt that Akira was overrated (I’ll take Fist of the North Star over Akira any day of the week), but damn Kaneda’s bike was sweet as hell.

And I’ll give it some much deserved props for art and animation, which still holds up fantastically today.