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It's been several days since tragedy hit Akihabara. While the internet is having its own grinning nerd witch hunt, the Japanese media is having its own. Standard defaults are bandied about (video games, anime). Website Canned Dogs has a handy recap:

Chugoku Shimbun states the the "Dagger knife" the killer used is an featured in popular games like Dragon Quest.

Yomiuri Online also says the "Dagger knife" is also in video games and quite popular with teenagers.

Zakzak points out that the killer was into doujin games like Eternal Fighter Zero and Chantelise, and he apparently loves a cutesy bullet hell shooter for the PC.

• According to Yahoo, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Hiroya Masuda is keen to regulate dangerous information on the internet, since the Akihabara killer posted his plans on a cell phone BBS (not 2ch) about his murderous plans before authorities could stop him.


And like clockwork, the agendas descend like vultures. Lovely.

Akiba Incident [Canned Dogs]

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