AJ on X-Play - Yes, I'm a Girl, You Can Stop Speculating

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A couple of weeks back, I climbed on a soapbox about the media frenzy surrounding video games in connection with real life violence or tragedy.


This week, I got to go on X-Play's Head-to-Head segment for a repeat performance with considerably less bearing* and more boob. Enjoy!


Head-to-Head: Videogames in the Mainstream Media

*When you tape these things, all you can see is a little red light on a camera - not a real person. Hence me talking over the other guy - sorry, Professor!

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I saw it when it actually aired the first time. Nice appearance AJ. I'm curious though. Were you having trouble hearing Adam? Because you kept jumping in to answer every question, even when the question wasn't for you. This seems to happen a lot in these X-play Adam Sessler interviews.