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NCsoft reveals Aion: The Official Magazine, a monthly online publication that delivers the latest news, player guides, and community tips to Aion players to the tune of $3.99 an issue, with exclusive in-game items coming every month.


The first issue of Aion: The Official Magazine hits the game's official website next month, with 100 pages worth of news, features, guides, and interviews. It also includes an exclusive Kerub hat for your character. Which is more attractive to your average Aion player?

Preordering the first issue scores players five black or white dyes, used to change the color of their characters' clothing, while purchasing a subscription to the magazine offers even more rewards, with pilot hats, scrolls, potions, and more for those opting to pay $21.54 for a 6-issue subscription or $47.88 for 12-issues.


Note that the 12-issue price is likely a typo. The website says $3.19 an issue, which would actually work out to $38.28.

It seems a bit pricey for an online-only publication, but then I work for a website that pumps out information on a daily basis without charging for it, so I'm biased. I also don't hand out codes for in-game items every month, which I suspect will be the main reason people buy Aion: The Official Magazine.

Aion: The Official Magazine [NCsoft]

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