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Aion Speeds Things Up With Double XP Weekends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tired of slow progression in NCsoft's latest MMO, Aion? The developers feel your pain, and they plan to assuage it with regular double experience weekends, starting with the next three weekends in a row.

Things got a little slow for me in Aion around level 18 or so, so I for one welcome the introduction of regular double experience weekends, giving me good reason to hop online for a few hours and kill what little free time I have killing virtual things. The experience point boost counts towards crafting experience as well, so those of you who'd rather sit in one spot clicking things for hours are covered as well.

The only limitation here is that only levels 1-35 can take advantage of the extra experience. You've already surpassed level 35? That's what you get for out-leveling me. Take that.


Every weekend until the end of the year will bring double the experience points, with regular double XP weekends planned for once or twice a month thereafter. This is only a temporary fix, however, and NCsoft continues to study the progression process in order to find ways to make it less painful.

Speaking of less painful, this week's patch will also bring with it a reduction in the cost of Soul Healing, for those of you who keep dying for some silly reason. Silly Daevas.


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