Aion Players Hit Jackpot After Maintenance Goof

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Maintenance on an Aion server yesterday caused a glitch that delivered more than 34 trillion Kinah - that's Aion cash - to "a small number of players." NCsoft was forced to do a server data rollback to correct the mistake.

"Havoc broke out as players spent their ill gotten gains, mailed around coin, and awaited the inevitable roll back to rectify a clear server glitch," reports Ten Ton Hammer. I'd like to think I'd do much the same thing in real life if I were $34 trillion richer. Hell, I'd mail a stamped Ziploc bag full of diamonds just to see how far it got. In fact, I'd race the Ziploc bag of diamonds with a Ziploc bag full of porn across the country and see if either made it.

Where was I? OK, ultimately, adult supervision is required here. And on Aion's Azphel server, where the Aion community manager says the glitch hit. Although a data rollback was "a last option," they had no other choice. About 14 hours of character progression was wiped out. "As an apology for the downtime, we'll be rewarding everyone on the Azphel server with five Lodas Amulets later this week," said Aion's community manager. Hooray! Lodas Amulets for everyone!

Aion Glitch Awards Players 34 trillion in Kinah [Ten Ton Hammer via VE3D]

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I'm so ashamed of dishonest people, how they'd spend money when they clearly know it wasn't meant for them.

Trust me, if I found or was handed 30 million by accident you better believe I'd return every bit of that 25 million back.

Just call me Honest Abe.