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The fifth beta event for Aion kicks off tomorrow, with the NPCs greeting players with a hearty hello now that voice has been added to the game.


NPCs and player characters alike have been oddly silent in Aion, until now. Players preparing for tomorrow's beta weekend will find a hefty patch waiting for them, bringing the spoken word to the U.S. version of the game for the first time. Now NPCs in the game will greet players when clicked, and the cinematic cutscenes for certain quests will be that much more cinematic with the addition of full voiceovers. Player voices will now be selectable at character creation, an option that up until now had done absolutely nothing.

In addition to the voices, the update also adds in-game tutorial videos, system voices, and race prologues for both the Elyos and Asmodians.


The new voices should make an already engaging game just a bit more engaging. Can't wait to get my ears on them.

Closed Beta #5 is coming. [Official Aion Website]

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