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A letter to fans posted on the official website for the eagerly anticipated massively-multiplayer game Aion: The Tower of Eternity reveals plans for a fall 2009 release in North America and Europe.


New Aion U.S. community manager Lani "Liv" Blazier answered some of the biggest questions North American and European fans had regarding the release of the fantasy role-playing game, indicating a fall 2009 release for both territories. Why is it taking so long for NCsoft West to bring the popular Korean game to the west?

The localization effort is enormous, with a vast amount of content. Aion is not simply being translated, a team of dedicated content writers are re-creating the written dialogue and content to provide AAA quality and to ensure that it is culturally relevant for our audience. We are going to do this launch "right" rather than fast.


I say hallelujah! The main problem Korean massively-mutliplayer games have when making the jump to western markets is shoddy translations making them feel rushed and sloppy. Glad to see they're taking the time to hopefully get this one right. If NCsoft West does it right, then maybe other online game operators will follow suit.

A Letter To Our Fans [Official Aion Website via Eurogamer]

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