Reader Craig was married in Taiwan the other day. His wedding, as you can probably guess from the headline and images, was not your normal, everyday nuptials.

Craig and his wife Zoe went all-out to make their special day a World of Warcraft extravaganza, both forgoing the standard suits-and-white-dress garb to instead tie the knot in complete - and completely fantastic - WoW cosplay.

Even their after-wedding photos were taken in the outfits. That's some dedication right there.

For the record, Craig is dressed as King Varien Wrynn, while Zoe is cosplaying as Tyrande Whisperwind.

The pictures you're seeing here were sent to us by Craig, but they were taken by Sosi Studios. The pair's costumes were made by EMI Cosplay, while their props were done by CSP Milton.




UPDATE - Craig wants to clarify that Taiwanese weddings are held across two days, an "engagement" day, and a "wedding" day. Both are formal ceremonies involving the same dress and in front of guests, only the former is paid for by the bride's family, the latter by the groom's.

These pics were from the "engagement" day. He says the "wedding" day will be held in January, and while they'll be in the same costume, it'll be in front of more guests at a bigger venue.