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Age Of Conan Servers Closing, Game To Be Issued Last Rites

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've heard how Age of Conan is in a state of decline. Now let's look at how it's in a state of decline. In particular, how over half the game's servers are to be shuttered.

Funcom have announced that during the week, the total number of servers for the game will be reduced from 49 to just 18, with the biggest losses due to strike North America and Oceania.


There, 16 servers are closing, leaving only six behind. Europe will fare slightly better, with 12 servers to be left open so as to cater to the all major language regions equally.

Funcom's line is that this will improve player experience, with busier servers meaning busier, more enjoyable worlds. And in a small way, they're right. But in a bigger way? Going from 49 servers to 18 shows just how quickly and how savagely this game has tanked.


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