Age Of Booty Sets Sail In October

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Capcom's upcoming real-time strategy game makes a booty call on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network next month as Capcom announces the release dates for Age of Booty. The XBLA version will be available for download on the 15th of October, with the PSN version arriving a day later. They'll also be releasing the game on PC via Direct2Drive, Digital River, Metaboli, Impulse, Steam, and others shortly thereafter. Prices are $10 across the board, which of course equals 800 Microsoft Points once translated into Xbox 360 inconvenience currency. Demos for all three versions will be available on the day of release. I'd throw in some pirate jargon here, but I need to rest up a month or two after Talk Like A Pirate Day. Wait, think I got something - Avast. There, happy? Get Ready to Answer the Call of Booty [Capcom Unity]


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I dare you guys to youtube/google that while at work, hehe.