Afternoon Tea Now Includes Space Invaders

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In an inverse Coors-Blue-Mountains way, this tea vessel shows blue pixelated Space Invaders when the contents are, of course, the hottest-tasting beer tea in the world.

Yeah, yeah, taste isn't a temperature. That's been discussed before. Still, this tea service design won some damned tea-off for 2009, and should class up your joint if you are so inclined to buy it. Or serve tea to guests, a lifestyle decision I'm betting is well outside our readership demographic.

Space Invaders Tea Vessel [Gamergrrlz via Gizmodo]

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Chilly Hollow

Owen needs to spend a bit more time with us gamers. I would guess at least a third of us drink tea regularly and probably I'm not the only one who has served tea in antique rose patterned china with tiny cucumber sandwiches in damp napkins on the side when company comes over.

On the other hand, I'm 9,000 years old.