After Wrapping Arkham City Rocksteady Went to Stately Wayne Manor and Played With the Bat-Signal

Illustration for article titled After Wrapping emArkham City/em Rocksteady Went to Stately Wayne Manor and Played With the Bat-Signal

Wrapping up work on their epic Batman: Arkham City, the developers at U.K.-based Rocksteady Studios set out to party hardy. First up was a 250-lap go-kart race. Then they went to Wayne Manor's real-life stand-in and turned on the Bat-Signal.

That estate is Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, which is where the Wayne Manor scenes were filmed for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. According to Rocksteady's Simon Warwick, a senior animator at the studio, the visits were a surprise. A bus showed up to take them to an unknown location which, after a three-hour drive, turned out to be the go-kart track, where Warwick would record the fastest lap of the day. Then it was on to Wollaton Hall, bathed in the glow of the Bat-Signal upon arrival.

Warwick has some more pictures up on his personal site. He and his comrades certainly earned their party; Arkham City is one of the year's most raved-about games.


Batman AC: Wrap Party! [Simon Warwick, via Siliconera]

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laser beams

i wonder if Rocksteady has any original IP in the works. I loved the first Arkham Asylum (it was a total surprise hit for me- i had written it off months before it came out, and it ended up being among my top 3 favorite games of the year in 2009!)

After playing Arkham City, though- i was a bit disappointed. it was the same solid gameplay- but i kind of hated the story and just about all of the lousy, derivative boss encounters. The open-world setting seemed like a great opportunity to open up the story- but sadly it mostly just provided a whole bunch of repetitive missions. and that's not even getting into the obnoxious way that WB shoehorned over-priced DLC and too many retailer-exclusive costumes and what-not into the immediate post-release period.

I have a feeling that they will make at least one more Batman game- but i don't know where else they have to go in that universe. i think i'm a little burnt out, now. I really want to see them try a different genre, or at least a different kind of action game- only with their own awesome ideas at the core :)