This is "Cutie Song". In its native Korean, it's called the "Gwiyomi" or "Kiyomi" song, depending on how you write it in English. And it's the viral music craze that's been spreading through Asia in the wake of "Gangnam Style".

Last October, the "Gwiyomi" jingle and dance originally appeared on a Korean variety show called Weekly Idol. Popstar Jung Il Hoon from the boy band BTOB did the jig on TV (though, there's a dispute over that).

"Gwiyomi", literally means "cutie player".

Then, as Kotaku commenter Sang Kwon explains, "Gwiyomi" went supernova after pop princess Suzy (above) from the group Miss A did her version (here). Suddenly, everyone was doing it.

As Yahoo! Singapore points out, the lyrics go something like, "One plus one is cute, two plus two is still cute, three plus three is also cute, etc." Below, you can see a guide on how to do the dance:


The "Cutie Song" was apparently much more of a thing in South Korea a month or so ago, but it's been picking up steam in neighboring Asian countries, such as in Thailand, Singapore, and China. In one video, over three hundred people did the dance!

Some say it's super adorable, while others find it super annoying. Whatever it is, one plus one is so not cute. It's two!


Thanks, Sang!

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