After Cocaine Allegations, Yakuza 4 Gets A New Voice Actor

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In Yakuza 4's original PlayStation 3 release, the character Masayoshi Tanimura was played by actor Hiroki Narimiya. The upcoming PS4 remaster, however, will feature another actor.


Narimiya made a name for himself as a popular TV and movie actor, starring in the live-action adaptation of Phoenix Wright as well as 2016's Assassination Classroom: Graduation flick.

However, in December of that year, a weekly magazine published a photo of the actor allegedly using cocaine. Soon after, Narimiya announced he was retiring and leaving the entertainment industry.

In the Japanese entertainment industry, once someone leaves the business, especially under dubious circumstances, it can seem like they are erased.

Voice actor Toshiki Masuda is taking over the role for the game’s PlayStation 4 remaster. As you can see, the character is getting a slightly different haircut, too.

Yakuza 4 was originally released in Japan in 2009 on the PS3. The remastered PlayStation 4 version will be out next January. No word yet on an international release.

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Is it weird that the alleged crime that drove him out just seems quaint to me? No harassment or assault or harm to another person directly? Let him be!