An EA representative has told Kotaku that the developers are “aware of the issue and investigating a fix for” a glitch preventing Medic from reviving fallen teammates in Battlefield V. Which is good, since it was pretty awkward just standing there as my buddies died.

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Dear Heather,

I love you and not that you care, but now kotaku’s (well GMG’s) self produced videos are not only autoplaying even though I have that deactivated in Chrome... no, now even if I STOP THEM BY HAND, the next interaction with the page (not with the video!) - even something like scrolling down - will restart them!

This is annoying on my PC, but on mobile it’s kinda really shitty, because we have data caps there (I guess you have them in the US, too).

I know some asshole at Univision (probably in marketing) is responsible for this because it inflates views, but that doesn’t make it okay.

You guys are “stealing” volume with content that I possibly am not interested in, and I am beginning to resent even the videos that I might like.

I know on PC I can always run more and more browser plugins to stop that, but I’d rather not...