[Image: Official Site]

Gambling-themed manga Akagi debuted in the early 1990s. Today, its run is coming to a close.

Set in the mahjong world, Akagi told the story of a gambling genius who uses unorthodox techniques to keep others on their toes and test his luck.

According to the manga‚Äôs official site, Akagi‚Äôs 27-year run is ‚Äúfinally concluding.‚ÄĚ Its conclusion was first announced last year.

As IT Media reports today the cover of Kindai Mahjong, which serializes the manga, reads, ‚ÄúAn overwhelming closing tale!‚ÄĚ This issue features Akagi‚Äôs final serialization.

The last volume, volume 36, will go on sale this May.

Akagi has spawned an anime as well as a live-action drama and two live-action feature films.


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