After 200 Alpha Builds, Overgrowth is Still All About Rabbit Violence

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That's gorgeously animated rabbit violence, mind you. Indie PC beat-em-up Overgrowth sure is coming along nicely, having just received a video for its two hundredth alpha build, detailing the latest developments in lagomorph brawling and swordfighting. As usual, pre-order customers are free to give the build a try.




I'm starting to think that Overgrowth, much like its predecessor Lugaru, is going to have this ultra detailed combat system, but almost NO gameplay to entice players to actually put up with the frustration of learning it. I've been watching it from afar for about 3 years, and so far I still have yet to see any actual "gameplay" emerge from it. While I haven't played the alphas, all it seems like they've been doing for YEARS now is tweaking systems and polishing up the engine. There's still no goals, no story, no progression, and no "world". The gameplay space is huge and sparsely populated, with no real feeling of cohesion or variance.

Lugaru was way too "fast" for me. I love how intricate the combat is, but it needs to be slowed down, especially at key points. The combat, while being very technically complex, lacks "oomph" because successful strikes whiz by so fast the player barely has time to register them, even for weapons where a strike is a kill. The body hits the ground before your brain even registers that your hit was successful. A pause of a few frames here and there goes a LOONG way, guys...