After 12 Years, Famed Club Penguin Iceberg Finally Tips

After nearly 12 years in operation, Disney’s kid-friendly MMO Club Penguin is closing, but not before players get a chance to realize one of the game’s longest-running memes. The iceberg has tipped.

The old iceberg is melting away on March 29, as Club Penguin closes to make way for a new MMO, Club Penguin Island. A huge party celebrating the game’s long run kicked off today, and the tippage is a part of that.


A long-running rumor in Club Penguin is that if enough players gathered on the iceberg and began drilling the entire thing would flip, revealing a secret area. It’s a rumor that was not true, until now.

Witness the historic penguin event the video below, captured by YouTuber punpun.

The flipped iceberg revealed a dance party complete with kicking music, free hats, and a special message. “Together, we can build an island, create a community, change the world . . . even tip an iceberg. Waddle on.”

A fitting tribute to a game close to many young players’ hearts. Waddle on, friends.

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