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In-game advertising's creep has been slowed only by a terrible economy damping all advertising channels. That hasn't stopped one Silicon Valley startup's vision of inserting it into your achievements and trophies. Last week, Kotaku's skilled 'shoppers went the extra mile and inserted ads into them all.


Bouzi (3) gives us Fat Drake, brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts. KiloDelta (10) had thin Drake indulging in junk food, too. Conversely, I'd like to thank ARYXANDRE (2) for both making me thinner and giving me hair. obeyyrmaster (15) also went meta with the site.

Cilixblade (6) went timely and topical, always a good strategy for making the top 20. So did jamesbiff (8) and John Michael Neal (9). Incursor (7) had a few good entries but this big 10-50 sponsored by GEICO was the best. ShinLord (17) went with Bad Dudes. Someone had to.


The overal winner is Koda89. Admittedly a bad pun, his entry still wins because the Cap'n's garish attire fits in so well among the renaissance costumes. Also the look of delighted surprise as he gets that retractable shiv between the ribs.

Good work, everyone. We'll see you in here tomorrow.

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