When I posted my review of Scribblenauts yesterday quite a few people were asking for a place to talk about their own adventures playing the DS title. This is that place.

I'll reiterate one of my in-game adventures to get you started. The rest is up to you... in comments:

Take for instance a problem I ran into in the 150th or so puzzle I was working on. Confronted by an area teeming with West Virginia's legendary Flatwoods Monster, my initial thought was to take out one urban legend with another. So I quickly typed in Chupacabre. Only I mistyped it and accidentally summoned not the panther-like, blood-sucking lizard of Mexican lore, but the delicious Mexican snack, a chalupa.

Flummoxed, I dropped the chalupa in the hand of one of the monsters and summoned a vampire instead. The vampire quickly attacked the Flatwoods Monster who, seemingly confused by the treat she was just handed, began to swat at the creature with the chalupa. The vampire made quick work of her while I watched on belly laughing.

These are the moments that make this game sing. And they are plentiful.

Scribblenauts Review