Adventure, Yes Adventure, Comes to iPhone

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It was bound to happen. Last night, while researching my iPhone gaming gift guide story, I stumbled across an iPhone adaptation of Atari classic Adventure, aka Keep that F-ing Duck Away From Me! The game is a faithful copy of the original Atari 2600 title, complete with no music, annoying mazes and duck-faced dragons. It even has those surprise sound effects when the duck, I mean dragon, surprises you. Instead of relying on tapping or tracing to play the game, you use the iPhone's tilt controls, which works surprisingly well. In fact, I've been enjoying this version of Adventure almost as much as I enjoyed the original back when I was nine. Though that might say more about me than the game. Did I mention it's free? Yeah, if you have an iPhone or Touch you need to go get this, stat!


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This was my first medieval style video game or adventure with a sword dragon type game. You know what I mean. The boxart promised a beautiful red fire breathing dragon and a knight with a sword. Yep you were a freakin DOT! But I was like 8 at the time and exploration at that time in a game in any form, was fascinating to say the least.