If you think that Skyrim's regular followers are just too boring and human, maybe you'd like to try adventuring alongside the legendary Dovahbear?


Well, now you can. Modder maymay1588 has shared the Dovahbear Companion, a new follower for Skyrim based on the popular (and funny) video by Bowz.

The mod is currently in beta, with a number of changes planned, including giving him a human skeleton so that he can fight more like a person. But hey, he's already an alcoholic bear-hero. The fact that it's going to get better than that is just gravy.

See the mod in action here, as demonstrated by Brodual.

And here's the original Dovahbear video, which is good for a laugh if you haven't seen it.


Dovahbear Companion [Skyrim Nexus]

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