Lioness is an indie adventure game that, I guess because its trailer makes it look pretty great, has easily blown past its Kickstarter goal. Instead of going bananas and promising MORE LEVELS and MORE PLATFORMS, though, the three guys behind it are keeping it cool. And the game should benefit as a result.

"We disagree with the idea that there's any direct correlation between quality and scope in a project like this", write the devs on the game's campaign page. "When you force a game or film past its own scope and design it just begins to cannibalize its own narrative and vision by stretching it until it breaks. We've seen this become the case just recently, and have no intention of making a similar mistake."

I'd guess they're talking about Broken Age.

"The more money we have, the better we can invest ourselves into pursuing our vision unencumbered."


Which sounds good to me, because that vision already looks like worth seeing a lot more of. Well...not literally, know what I mean.

Lioness [Kickstarter, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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