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Adult Game Billboard Removed In Akihabara For Being Too Lewd

Image edited by Kotaku.
Image edited by Kotaku.
Image: m1d0r1_lineat, wowwowudon

On November 1, a billboard went up in Tokyo’s Akihabara near the station. The advertisement featured about ten anime-style young women in revealing clothing. Besides the complaints, the billboard did not conform to regulations regarding public advertisements.


Editor’s note: This article contains imagery some readers might find objectionable.

The billboard is for an adult game called, Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero *Heart Mark* App Gakuen! (もっと!孕ませ!炎のおっぱい超エロ♡アプリ学園!), which means, “More! Conception! Blazing Boobs Super Erotic *Heart Mark* App Academy!” Below is the billboard as it originally appeared in Akihabara earlier this month.


According to (bengoshi means “attorney”), people complained about the advertisement. One of the issues wasn’t only that the billboard featured such revealing imagery, but the ad uses graphics words, such as oppai haaremu (“boob harem”) and haramase, which means “conception” or “impregnation.”

Authorities began examining this issue on November 5. They acknowledged that freedom of expression exists. However, the lewd billboard violated a regulation related to raising children in a wholesome environment, in particular, a stipulation regarding advertisements that can adversely impact children. (This also covers distributed flyers and pamphlets.)

There is a grade school as well as a kindergarten about 300 meters from the billboard, which appears to mean that advertisement is in violation.


The billboard’s owner told that it received Tokyo’s opinion regarding the matter and as a result of discussions with the advertisement’s sponsor, the controversial ad was taken down on November 8. Moving forward, the owner said it would consider the contents when deciding what to display on the billboard.

The adult game advertisement was replaced with a Yu-Gi-Oh! billboard:

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I do not understand the inflatable boob fetish. I mean, at some point they are just so big it's laughable, right? I was just loling at how funny it was, didn't even find it perverted because it had no sex appeal imo until I saw the bottoms being removed on the one chick which certainly took a while to see with so many giant boobs.