Ads in New Lego Toy Sets Confirm Superman and Wonder Woman in Lego Batman 2

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Rumors have been swirling about an expanded superhero cast in the follow-up to 2008's Lego Batman, with the Amazing Amazon and the Man of Steel reportedly joining the toy-riffic version of the Dark Knight. Ads inside of new Lego toys appear to confirm that, according to MCVUK. Lego's launching a new Super Heroes line with characters from both Marvel and DC, and inserts in the boxes of these new toys tease a sequel to Lego Batman. With Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman pictured in these inserts, it's probable that villains like Lex Luthor, Sinestro and maybe Cheetah may show up to bedevil the Lego do-gooders when LB2 shows up. No official word from Warner Bros. Games or Traveler's Tales has been released yet, but we'll update as we learn more.


New toy sets confirm LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes [MCVUK]

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Erik Sofge

The thumbnail version of that image made me think, for just a second, that there was a Lego Transformers game coming out.

Which, I then realized, would be perfect. That might be the most perfect possible Lego game ever. The building makes sense, the bad guys shattering into pieces makes sense, you could do big combo bots, go to the Moon, do Cybertron flashbacks.

It would be incredible!

Also, imagine how much fun they'd have doing their Lego mime cutscene versions of Bay's moronic excess?

I know Bay would refuse, and Hasbro or whoever would refuse, etc. etc. Still...