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Adidas Is Making Naruto Sneakers

Image: solebyjc

Adidas’ recent Dragon Ball collection was trash, but that hasn’t stopped the company from returning to the vintage manga/anime well, with a new lineup that’s all about Naruto.

Sneakerhead Jean Carlos has the first pics of what’s likely the first release, which is based on Sakura. There’s almost no Naruto branding on the outside of the shoe, with Sakura’s colour scheme the only real hint as to the sneaker’s theme. The insole, however, has both a big Naruto logo and some character art.

About the only detail you’ll find on the outside is a small Team 7 logo near the heel and some text on the aglets:

Image: solebyjc

I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what shoe this is. It’s got a full boost midsole, which is nice, but overall it looks like something my Mum would use for her morning walks.

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