Add Up All The Sins Of X-Men: First Class, Then Subtract One

Illustration for article titled Add Up All The Sins Of emX-Men: First Class/em, Then Subtract One

With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past just around the corner, Cinema Sins checks off all the problems with the first appearance of lil' Xavier and Magneto, wisely not forgetting to include the best bit.


If the new movie fails to address the early encounter between the good, the bad and the questionably coiffed, it will make me question the infallibility of comic book canon forever. That may have been sarcasm.

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That's the worst sin of the entire movie to me.

Completely jarring and out of place.

Wolverine doesn't talk like that, I can't remember a single time he has said fuck in any of the movies. It's just so out of character.