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Adam West Never Looked This Tough In His Batman Costume

Illustration for article titled Adam West Never Looked This Tough In His Batman Costume

We've known since June that PlayStation 3 owners will get the "exclusive" opportunity to play the next Dark Knight game, Batman: Arkham Origins, with a Batman wearing either his Knightfall-era costume or the old 1960s TV costume. Today, you can see those costumes in the game, in motion.


Imagine if Adam West lifted weights! You can play that out in Arkham Origins, it seems. If you don't know what Knightfall is, study up on the late 90's comics series that involved the villain Bane breaking Batman's back over his knee (spoiler: Batman gets better).

The two costumes—both of them pretty cool!—and a quintet of challenge rooms are all described over on the PlayStation blog as being exclusive to the PS3, but DLC like this typically is eventually released for other platforms. It depends on how long you want to wait.


Arkham Origins will be out on October 25 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. We have tons more coverage of the game here.

UPDATE: It appears that West was more fit than his costume let on...

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Pepe Thunder

How can you not think this man is tough?