Actually, Breaking Bad's Jesse Didn't Say "B**ch" THAT Many Times

Based on popular Breaking Bad memes, you'd think that the entirety of Aaron Paul's performance as Jesse Pinkman revolved around a script with a single word in it: "bitch."


I mean. You probably even read the word in Pinkman's voice, didn't you? The way he says it is practically iconic! Still, it turns out that Pinkman didn't say bitch as many times as you might've guessed—just watch this compilation by SuperShortComedy of all the times he said the magic word to see what I mean.

How close were your guesses, though? Also, man. What a blast from the past this is, eh?


Breaking Bad - Jesse Pinkman Complete Bitch Compilation (with Bitch Counter) [SuperShortComedy]

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Breaking bad has almost limitless meme potential.

They should make a counting videos for Walter saying "cook". I bet it beat how many times Jesse said "bitch"