Why wouldn't they? From vibrators to kendo gear, Hello Kitty has been slapped on just about everything.

As pointed out by the Sankei Newspaper, Japanese fire extinguisher company Hatsuta is launching a line of Hello Kitty fire extinguishers, priced at around $80.


They're designed to be kept at home (you know, should you have a kitchen or electrical fire), and the Hello Kitty motifs are supposed to make the extinguishers more appealing to females. That's not my assumption! The product's tagline is actually, "We've created a fire extinguisher for home use that makes females happy."

However, these are not the first Hello Kitty fire extinguishers. Back in 2001, Japanese security company Alsok rolled out a small fire extinguisher emblazoned with Hello Kitty.

And no, you cannot use these products to actually put out Hello Kitty. That flaming blaze of cute will continued to rage forever and ever.

インテリアにもなる「ハローキティ消火器」、老舗メーカーの戦略 [産経新聞]

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