I reckon there are things thieves brag about stealing: diamonds, exotic cars, and priceless art. Wonder where Yu-Gi-Oh! cards fall into that mix. Especially ones stolen from high school students.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, of course, is an enjoyable card game, spawned from the manga of the same name. Some of the rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards fetch a pretty penny—or, at least, hope to. Kobe Shimbun, Kobe' s largest paper, reports that two men, both aged twenty years old, allegedly stole 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from a 15-year-old high school freshman they both apparently knew.

The value of all the 320 cards is an estimated 70,000 yen (nearly US$700).

According to the Kobe Shimbun, both men have confessed to the theft and planned to resell the cards.

漫画「遊戯王」のカード320枚窃盗疑い 男2人逮捕 [Kobe Shimbun]

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