Actor Says He Lost a Big Games Role Because His Voice was Too Familiar

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The guy who voiced Adam Jensen—the hero of 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution—says he worked for two years as the voice of Jason Brody, the hero of 2012's Far Cry 3, and lost that role because the two characters sounded too much the same. Man, I hope no one tells Nolan North about this.

At MCM Comic Con in London this weekend, Elias Toufexis told a panel that Ubisoft, Far Cry 3's publisher, was concerned that the game's audience would identify Brody's voice too much with Jensen's in Deus Ex, so he was sacked in favor of Gianpaolo Venuta for the lead role.

"In fact, I shouldn't say this," Toufexis said, before saying it, "I played [Brody] for two years, did the voice and when Deus Ex came out, they replaced me because they were nervous that ... 'we don't want people playing this game and thinking of another game.'"


Toufexis seems to have no hard feelings about it, calling such a dismissal "justifiable" and "understandable." As a gamer, it strikes me as a little neurotic, though, considering I've listened to Nolan North voice everyone from Nathan Drake to Desmond Miles to General Zod and Deadpool and not confused any of his characters for another. You just sort of go, "OK, it's Nolan North, so this must be a big-budget game," and move right on with playing it.

If anything, it makes Toufexis' well-timed repartee with Michael Mando—who voiced the unforgettable psycho villain Vaas in Far Cry 3—a little more interesting and understandable in this video.

Adam Jensen Voice Actor Was Sacked From Role As Far Cry 3 Lead [ via GameSpot]

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I really cannot picture Elias Toufexis voicing Jason Brody, since I thought his performance as Adam Jensen was (least to me) rather bland.