Activision's Next-Gen Soldier Graphics Have Crawled Straight Out Of The Uncanny Valley

During a talk at GDC earlier today, attended by GameSpot, Activision artists showed off what they think/hope next-gen character models will look like.

While stressing that these are just exploratory models, and not in-game assets, the fact this is Activision, and that there's a soldier there, will still be pointing towards the obvious: your next Call of Duty - or at least its cutscenes - might just look like this.


The talk, given by Activision technical director Jorge Jimenez, added that the increased fidelity isn't just there for eye-candy; it's hoped that "the product of better visuals will be the capacity to tell stories with greater emotional impact".

Or, at least, the capacity to shoot Russians/Arabs/Private Military Contractors over and over and over again.

In addition to screenshots, more of which are available at GameSpot, the team also showed off an animation video showing a character moving in real-time, which weirdly looks almost identical to the guy seen at 8:45 in this video.


Activision shows off next-gen visuals [GameSpot]

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