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Activision Wins Small Battle in Large Call of Duty Lawsuit

Illustration for article titled Activision Wins Small Battle in Large emCall of Duty/em Lawsuit

Publisher Activision took home a small victory in its longstanding legal battle against Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vincent Zampella earlier this week, convincing a Los Angeles judge to drop a fraud claim against it, according to a news report.


Bloomberg reports that State Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle dropped one of two fraud claims against Activision on Monday, though he let a promissory fraud claim stand.

For a full explanation of the complicated, longrunning legal battle between Activision, Electronic Arts, and the two ex-Infinity Ward heads, check out Kotaku's previous coverage.


Activision Wins Dismissal of One of Two Former Executives' Fraud Claims [Bloomberg via Gamasutra]

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Damn it. You're doing it wrong, Judge Berle. Hopefully they lose the rest of the cases. I don't even like West and Zampella or anything they've ever done, but I'm supporting them because the alternative is SO MUCH worse.