Activision To Introduce Subscription Plans For Guitar Hero DLC

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Activision, you and your money-grubbing ways, you can't-oh. Sorry! This is actually a fairly sensible idea involving Guitar Hero and money. Seems Activision are looking at introducing subscriptions for Guitar Hero DLC, to cater for the game's heavier users. One possible setup mentioned yesterday during their analyst conference call was to implement an annual subscription, whereby users could pay a flat fee and then download a certain number of songs every month. Provided that gives you a bulk discount, can't see this as anything but a good idea. Guitar Hero DLC Subscription Being Evaluated by Activision, Plans to Make Lots of Money [Shacknews]


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Obviously, more information, like pricing, is needed before we know exactly how good or bad this will be. In concept it's great, but it's always the execution that matters. Rock Band releases at least three songs every week, so it would make sense for Harmonix to make use of a system like this. Activision has, however, released songs in very small, sporadic bursts and have a lot fewer overall songs too boot. If they keep up this "pattern" then I doubt it'd be worth it. However, if they have a consistent release schedule like Harmonix does, we could better asses the value.

Now, limiting the number of downloads kind of defeats the point of the subscription, doesn't it? That's less of a subscription and more of a song "pre-order discount" deal, or something. It would save some people money, yes, but if you're subscribing to it, you should have unlimited downloads - especially you're at the mercy of their content-release schedule. But, hey, maybe I'm just too idealist...