Guitar Hero publisher Activision doesn't just want you to buy more Guitar Hero games and download more Guitar Hero tracks, it also wants you to upgrade your instruments. And you do too, apparently. When asked about the habits of repeat customers, those of us with multiple Guitar Hero games in our libraries, Activision Blizzard execs were more than happy to talk about the double and triple dipping. "We generally believe that every man, woman, and child everywhere needs at least nine guitars," joked CEO Bobby Kotick. "Joked" might be a better way to write it, because we're sure that Mr. Kotick has probably had at least one executive wet dream that involves the use of nine Red Octane manufactured guitar controllers. And about those buying habits? "We're seeing households, not only in new penetration areas, but the existing, still continuing to show a very strong appetite for music and a very strong interest in upgrading instruments," said Activision president Mike Griffith.


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