Activision Says Relax! No Industry Slowdown Coming

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What, me worry? Activision CEO Bobby "Robert" Kotick says the game industry is not headed for a slowdown. Things are buzzing! Fear not!! In a conference call, Kotick said:


The video-game market fundamentals have never been stronger. There's no evidence that this growth will slow... A lot of this growth is coming from consumers who are experiencing video games for the first time.


Nothing, we mean nothing, will wipe that shit-eating grin off Kotick's face. Ever.
No Signs of Slowdown [Reuters]

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The only reason GH3 sold so well was the new wireless guitar and b/c it came out BEFORE Rock Band. GH Aerosmith is gonna be a big flop. I might rent it, no way I purchase it. GH4 is their only hope, perhaps adding drums and vocals can save the franchise, but I doubt it. Just keep running them franchises into the ground Activision....