So Activision is going all RIAA on software pirates, and now the pirates have started to complain. Over at GameCyte an anonymous pirate who fell under the scrutiny of Activision's crack legal team laments over his harsh treatment at their hands, detailing how they callously based their monetary demand on his personal income and buying habits rather than the material infringed, and how they suggested that if he hire a lawyer he'd wind up paying them even more. Towards the end of the article he even muses on how people who hear of such harsh treatment might not buy Activision products anymore. Of course, this is a man who opted not to buy them in the first place. Either way, the rule of thumb to follow here, is if a lawyer contacts you about nearly anything, consult a lawyer...preferably not the one who wants your money. The tactics are indeed pretty heavy-handed, but I suppose lawyers with a soft touch are kind of hard to come by. Anonymous Activision Pirate Admits Guilt, Condemns ‘Scare Tactics’ [GameCyte]