Does Activision bossman Bobby Kotick have designs on Rockstar Games founders Sam and Dan Houser? Silicon Alley Insider thinks he does, citing remarks from Activision-Blizzard's investors conference. Kotick dodged a direct question about going after the Housers with the seemingly loaded response: "We've definitely become the destination location for independently minded entrepreneurial talent." The Insider translates that as Kotick saying "Housers, come work for us."Kotick says that Activision knows how to "appropriately incentivize" development studios, a thinly veiled "$$$$$ comin' your way!", but wouldn't go on record saying they'll take part in the speculated upcoming bidding war for the Grand Theft Auto talent. While some may bemoan companies like Activision swallowing up dev teams, at least we know we'll get a Grand Theft Auto-a-like out of the publisher every year, if they properly "incentivize" Rockstar talent. Maybe six! Maybe Grand Theft Auto: Aerosmith, if we're really lucky. Activision CEO Kotick: We Can't Say That We'd Like To Hire Take-Two's "Grand Theft Auto" Guys (But Come Work For Us, Guys!) [Silicon Alley Insider]