Activision Lock Blizzard, Infinity Ward Bosses To Long-Term Deals

Newly-merged Activision Blizzard are the world's #1 publisher for a reason. Well, four reasons: World of Warcraft, Tony Hawk's, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. So with the ink only just drying on the Activision/Blizzard merger, it makes sense for the new company to move to secure the talent behind those games. Variety reports that all the "top execs" at Blizzard have been signed to new, five-year deals, company boss Robert Kotick saying "We realized it would be impossible to compete [with 'World of Warcraft'] and so ultimately my only issue was making sure they were committed for at least five years". Smart move. The heads of Infinity Ward and Neversoft have also been signed to new deals, locking in most of the new mega-publishers top talent. Here's to five more uninterrupted years of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty!


Blizzard, Infinity Ward, Neversoft execs sign long term contracts with Activision Blizzard [Variety]

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