The next wave of Skylanders: Swap Force figures hit Toys'R'Us this weekend, leaving hardcore collectors and impressionable youngsters only two more reasons to get out of bed in the morning until the next game is announced. What's the point of it all?

Man, Activision and Toys for Bob really love to drag these things out, don't they? Five months after Skylanders: Swap Force's release we're finally scraping the bottom of the new character barrel. Luckily some of the coolest figures were hanging out down there.

Characters like Freeze Blade, the water Swap Force Skylander, with his awesome transparent hair and forearms. The dude has ice skates, y'all.

And then there's Scratch, a purple cat with pink wings and a golden face mask. Who hasn't wanted one of those?


Fryno is the contender for Best Skylander Name Award โ€” Swap Force division. He's a fire rhino, get it?


And finally we have Trap Shadow, who loses the name contest but wins a consolation prize for being a blue and purple tiger.

The two Swap Force characters โ€” the ones capable of splitting in half โ€” are out at Toys'R'Us now, though as they started selling them yesterday, they might already all be on eBay. Pay a premium, or wait for them to languish on shelves much later? Don't ask me, I've already got a set. I'm going to lick them.


The release of this wave leaves only two original characters โ€” normal Punk Shock and Swap Force Doom Stone โ€” to be released. Here's hoping Activision holds off until the next Skylanders game is announced, so the cycle of addictive anticipation is unbroken.

Told you I loved toys.