Activision In Talks With Hasbro Over More Transformers Games

Transformers: War For Cybertron is good enough to deserve a sequel, but that doesn't mean the next non-movie game will be another shooter.


BotCon, the world's biggest Transformers fans convention, was held over the weekend, and part of the festivities was a Q&A session between fans and Matt Tieger (High Moon Studios) and Aaron Archer (Hasbro).

One of the questions a fan posed was whether the success of WfC could lead to a "brand expansion", with an example given being a Transformers role-playing game.

Archer responded that it's something the toy giant is "considering" (the expansion in general terms, not an RPG specifically), that the game "presents an opportunity" and that they're "talking with Activision" about the future of the franchise.

To show he's serious about his games, Archer joked that he'd love to see a racing game: Twisted Metal Transformers.


I like where this is going. The adventures of the original animated Transformers had solid, lovable characters while subsequent comic series have introduced some great storylines. Mass Effect: Robots In Disguise would go down very well with a lot of people.

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