Activision CEO Unhappy No Console Price Chop Announced

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Bobby Kotick, the Activision CEO, says that in these hard times the console makers should all do their part and lop a hundy off the retail price of the current generation rigs, so gamers can buy more full-price sequels.


Speaking to Bloomberg news, Kotick said he was "disappointed not to see any sort of aggressive price cutting," at E3. "Of all the things that the hardware companies need to be doing right now, it's recognizing the difficulties of the economy and pricing their hardware appropriately."

To be fair, others - such as GameStop CEO Daniel DeMatteo and Electronic Arts boss John Riccitello - have made the same argument, that console price cuts would spur gamer growth and thus greater game sales.
But the point assumes that all or most gamers have to buy consoles to buy new games. I'll offer myself as an example: You see, both my 360 and my PS3 were purchased before the crash, and before I lost my (full-time) job. So, they're paid for, and the current price of a console has zero to do with whether I buy a game for it.

Know what would? How about price cuts to the games that go on them. The games Activision makes and GameStop sells, for example. Because I haven't bought one since December.

Activision Criticizes Console Makers for Resisting Price Cuts [Bloomberg via Edge]



Most of us that are really concerned about the economy and our own budgets just buy used games and consoles, or find good online deals. When there's a will, there's a way — to game. The sacrifice is that we usually don't get to play the games we want on their release dates.