Activision Blizzard May Dump Massive, Swordfish Studios

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Activision Blizzard is the result of a merger between two large companies, each with several studios, projects and different teams. So a merger between the two means some things are going to get shuffled around. Jobs will very likely be lost, and projects might get shifted.


Earlier we reported that Sierra's Crash and Spyro titles would be hauled up for publishing under the new label, leaving a question mark hanging around titles like Brutal Legend and Ghostbusters. Earlier today, Double Fine's Tim Schafer assured fans that "Brütal Legend is fine," and we've contacted Terminal Reality on the fate of Ghostbusters and will update with any response we receive.

Meanwhile, however, Activision Blizzard has released a statement that sheds some light on where it's looking to make changes:

The company intends to adapt the Vivendi Games' studio operations to better align the studio structure against the new product slate. We will realign staffing at Radical Entertainment and High Moon Studios to support our resulting slate. We are also exploring options regarding Massive Entertainment and Swordfish Studios, including the possibility of divestiture.

Additionally, we are evaluating options regarding two non-strategic business units Vivendi Games Mobile and Sierra Online, which provides casual games for the PC and Xbox® Live® Marketplace, including the possibility of divesting these business units.

The company declined to comment further.



I don't play any blizzard games so I'm not excited.