Achievements Reveal Halo: Reach, Joy Ride, Shadow Complex, And More

Blank achievement pages at may have outed some of Microsoft's big game announcements before the press conference has even begun, with Halo: Reach, Joy Ride, Shadow Complex, and more showing up on the page.

Credit Xbox360Achievements.Org with discovering the Halo: Reach page on In the course of keeping abreast of the latest achievement news they keep a watch on all new game pages, even if the achievement lists are currently blank.


Following their lead, Destructoid went snooping, discovering pages for Alan Wake, Joy Ride, Shadow Complex, and Forza 3, many of which we knew were coming...we just didn't know how soon.

Of course this could all be coincidence, or this could be a handy checklist to play along with as you watch our live blog of the E3 2009 Microsoft press conference.

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