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Achievements Actually Matter On This Minecraft Map

Introducing "Captive Minecraft," a Survival gametype that uses achievements and the world border to great effect. You start on a 1x1 box, and every achievement you get widens the world border by half a block in all directions.


"As your captive world slowly expands, you gain access to more and more resources," a post on the gametype's website says. "You'll have no trouble Getting Wood or Taking Inventory, but suddenly making that Cake and riding a Pig off a cliff isn't quite so simple..."


You can download Captive Minecraft here—note that the creators highly suggest you play this with friends. This is what you need to get it up and running:

You need to be running Minecraft 1.8 snapshot 14w18b or later. You can set this up right in the Minecraft Launcher. Edit your profile to include experimental "snapshots" and choose the 'Latest Version'.

Now download the world save, place it in your /minecraft/saves folder and unzip it. You'll be able to access it from your single player menu now.

If you're going to run a server, you MUST have Command blocks enabled in!

And in case you wanted some tips on how to play this, from the gametype's website:

  • You can hold TAB to see who of your friends has earned the most Achievements.
  • There seems to be a bug at the moment where Chickens will die immediately if they touch the World Border if it's set to an even number. Make sure to lock them up as soon as they spawn!
  • Entering the Nether is intermittently successful. Don't take anything valuable, and try relogging if you're dying immediately. It's best to widen the World Border as much as possible before going through your portal... the space in there is 8 times smaller than in the Overworld.
  • Due to obvious limitations, the "On a Rail" Achievement cannot be completed.
  • At this point, when you visit the End, you won't be able to move, as you are technically outside the World Border. Strangely, you don't seem to suffocate. This may change!
  • Every now and then, you'll get some new "friends" join you in your world. Best not to cover up that first Quartz Block.
  • The Sniper Duel Achievement is possible! But you need to have a fair few Achievements under your belt before you can access the appropriate area...

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I am just so fed up with Minecraft. I really like the game concept and enjoyed it for a long time. But the game just feels buggy and the dev team seams to have zero interest to improve any of it. That was fine when it was just Notch, but now there is a team and money and it's still the same issues the game had years ago. I wish they could just spend a month or two improving UX and squash bugs.

- The blocks load incredibly slow on my machine that has a SSD and a GTX760.

- Boats now seem to fall apart when they touch anything at all

- I still get glitches all the time where I can see through the ground, which is a huge spoiler.

- Why is it so hard to install mods? Mods make the game so much better, yet there is little support by the devs themselves. Minecraft with something like Steam workshop would be so awesome!

- Talking about mods: Some of them should ship with the game! Why doesn't it ship with one of the shader mods? I am sure one of the authors would be happy to sell them the rights for little money.

Not the dev teams fault, but why is everything the community does centered around forums? So often when there is a great mod, it get's posted to page 150 in some forum thread. By the time I get to it the discussion has moved on by 100 pages and it's unclear if I need to use a newer version, where to get it or anything helpful like that. Solution: Read the 100 pages.

Texture packs also are hosted on spammy websites. Maybe Mojang could provide some free hosting for texture packs? Then we could even integrate that with the game and browse and download through the game's interface! What a concept!

Most of this seems so trivial to fix, but they just don't give a shit, which results in me getting so pissed off every time I encounter one of these issues, that are around since years, that I just can't play Minecraft anymore.