Ace Combat Is Also Going Through Some Changes With 'Assault Horizon'

Namco's venerable Ace Combat series is also getting a once-over—just like Ridge Racer—with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, which adds a little "Close Range Assault," bringing the camera closer for more intense dogfightin' action.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is slated to come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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So how are we supposed to NOT get sick and throw up, or completely lose control of the plane, when the camera is whipping around like that?

Sudden jumps like this look nice but makes the game really really REALLY hard to control, because with the camera constantly moving you lose track of the exact direction you're moving, the direction the enemy is in relation to you, and thus, you can't judge whether or not you're flying right at that oil-refinery tower which causes instant death the moment you touch it.

This is exactly the reason why I chose not to use Assistance Off mode in HAWX. The sudden jump from inside the cockpit to a chase camera that I have very little control over completely disconnects me from the game. I lose all sense of the spacial awareness I had when I was inside the cockpit, and I will either crash into the ground or get shot down by the constant barrage of rockets that I was avoiding just fine until I switched to the Assistance Off mode.

It's amazing how something as simple as holding R1 and L1 buttons in Ace Combat to execute High-G Turns could somehow be turned into such a needlessly convoluted and disorientating 'feature' in HAWX.

When my friend and I were playing HAWX we ended up getting roughly the same amount of kills, even when he used Assistance Off while I chose not to.

While I am aware that these sort of gameplay mechanics are supposed to help us and are entirely optional, I think that they could be implemented much better. Throughout that entire trailer I couldn't tell if the enemy plane was in his gun sights, or if he was firing his weapon, or if he was gonna crash into one of those towers. The camera was just shaking all over the place.

This is the sort of bad camera that people would complain about in other games, yet they're marketing this. They're practically saying "look at how great and EXTREEEEEEEME our nauseating our camera is".