To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Dead PC

And that time was today. Roads near where we live can get rather narrow. There are, of course, multi-lane roads, but if you want to take a shortcut to, say, get Mini-Bash to soccer practice, you can cut thru rice paddies like Mrs. Bashcraft did today.

Until the car got stuck and couldn't get back on the road! Apparently a U-turn was involved.


She called me, but I was working writing YOU PEOPLE thrilling things to read. So I told her to call Nissan, because...we drive a Nissan? And Nissan sent a wrecker to pull the car out of the ditch.

Free of charge.

She, Mini-Bash and Micro-Bash had to wait about two hours for the wrecker to show up. They watched Totoro and ate snacks in the car!


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