One of PlayStation Home's biggest drawbacks to date has been that it's so...disconnected from the rest of the console. Making it an impractical thing. Home v1.3 is looking to change that.

As we liveblogged, sometime this "fall", Home will be upgraded to v1.3, and with that upgrade a host of changes will be made to the social service. Chief amongst those will be the ability for people to launch any PlayStation 3 game from within the program (currently only a few titles support this).


Those games that already support the feature - like Street Fighter IV, Resistance 2, MotorStorm, and Far Cry 2 - will have additional "launching" capabilities, like jump-in multiplayer.

Other features being added as part of the update include the ability to preview store items, an in-Home camera for happy snaps and more emoticons for you to use while dry-humping the only female avatar in the plaza.

PlayStation Home v1.3 Coming This September [PlayStation]